Life Insurance, do I need it?

Life Insurance Australia

People have to insure their cars because it is the law so we cannot compare the fact that 85% of Australians have car insurance cover, however, only 31% of us have income protection and a staggering 60% of Australians with children do not have enough life insurance cover to allow their partner to support their children for more than a year if something were to happen.

Yes, if you are working you do have a level of life insurance cover within your superannuation, but studies have shown that many people are underinsured by $100,000 or more, equating to an average of only 20% of what is needed.

We know it is something that you do not wish to think of, but consider your loved ones for the worst case scenarios. So if you keep asking yourself! Life Insurance Cover, why have it? then Compare your life insurance quotes today with Compare & Choose.

Remember, do not overlook your most valuable asset which is, YOU.