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Cruises in Australia and New Zealand

Taking a cruise is one of the most unique ways to see the world. No view from an airplane could replicate the sights, nor could any piece of writing even begin to explore the feeling of a cool ocean breeze dancing along your skin while the crisp scent of saltwater decorates your sense of smell. It doesn't matter if you're merely floating on the crystal blue waters around Sydney or enjoying the lush, green landscapes of New Zealand's coast that you can see from the water, a cruise is something that you'll always find enjoyable.

Let's examine some of the best and New Zealand while examining some of the cruise liners that you might choose to use to embark on your next ocean voyage.

Cruise Destinations

While there are countless destinations depending upon the cruise liner you choose, let's start by exploring some of the more popular choices.

The first destination that might interest you is the Great Barrier Reef. The Coral Princess II is one cruise liner that regularly traverses the Great Barrier Reef, which allows you to see the majestic reef in all its splendor. The Coral Princess II has multiple cruises that travel along the Queensland coast, with some that extend all the way out to the northwestern part of New Zealand.

Another popular cruise liner is the Island Passage. It typically takes routes that allow you to travel along the South Island of New Zealand's coast. You then take a helicopter inland to a coach which allows you to see drastically different parts of the island than you normally would not be able to.

The PS Murray Princess provides a popular cruise centered the Murraylands in South Australia. You travel in along Murray River, which gives you unique access to the cliffs and other natural landmarks. Add in the fact that the cruise specializes in splendid daybreak scenes, and you have something that will awe you in the rich beauty that it can provide.

If you're interested in cruises that take a longer time to complete and traverse a larger area, then you may be interested in cruises that include both Australia and New Zealand in a single trip. The Seabourne Odyssey cruise liner departs from Auckland, travels around the far side of New Zealand's coast, and then makes stops at Melbourne and Sydney over an 11-day period.

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