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In 1833 Asteron Life wrote the first life insurance policy in Australia, and have been life insurance specialists for more than 175 years.

More than $248 million in claims was paid to over 3,100 customers Australia-wide in 2012 alone by Asteron Life. Your long-term financial security and lifestyle can both be protected with life insurance. But more than that, it is all about making your life better today. Asteron Life believes that life insurance is all about "celebrating life" and getting the most out of today, whilst giving you the confidence of knowing that you are covered, if anything ever does go wrong.

Life Insurance Prices

When you compare with us the options offered by Asteron Life you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that they provide an extensive range of cover that is nearly unmatched by any other provider. The Asteron Life range is also supported by a variety of ways to pay for your chosen cover and some alternatives include paying through your superfund, outside of it separately, or even with a mix of both. Some of the benefits of an Asteron Life Insurance policy include being able to access 24-hour cover anywhere in the world as well as receiving valuable support with a grief counsellor to assist your family more than just financially through the most difficult time.

One thing Asteron Life understand is that, over the years, life takes us on different paths and sometimes ones we don't plan for. When your circumstances change, you want to be able to modify your life insurance policy to best suit your new lifestyle.

Life Insurance Example

For example, you might decide to have another baby or buy a new house and the last thing you want to overshadow your joy is a life insurance policy that no longer reflects your life stage. Asteron Life allow you the opportunity to update your policy when you need to and add extra cover without hassle or reduce it to make your premiums cheaper. With its unique and varied range of alternatives, the company won the "Risk Insurance Innovation Award" for its Healthy Plus Option in 2011 at the AFA/Plan for Life Awards. This Healthy Plus Option is just another example of Asteron Life's aim to bring customers options that recognise their individual needs and reward them. Asteron Life reward customers who look after their health and wellbeing through discounts if you meet set guidelines. By meeting these guidelines, you are identified as a lower risk client and therefore gain further discounts.

When choosing life insurance, consider also the emotional stress your family may experience when having to make a claim. You want the most compassionate team working to help you get the cover you need, as quickly as possible. Asteron Life pride themselves on creating a smooth claims process where they take the time to care and listen to your needs, in an efficient manner.

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