Income protection cover from Zurich

Most people do not actually know the depth and breadth of Zurich Financial Services Australia Ltd as a company. They are the only global financial services company established in Australia under a single brand, whose core lines of business include general insurance, life risk, investment and superannuation products.

However, what is even more interesting is the Zurich Insurance Group Ltds humble beginnings as a marine reinsurance company in 1872 under the name "Versicherungs-Verein" which means (Insurance Association) in English, and at that time a subsidiary of the Schweiz Marine Company. Zurich Insurance Group Ltd are a well trusted and extremely well respected provider of insurance products within the Australian marketplace.

Zurich is an award winning company

Zurich won two awards at the Plan for Life 2015 Awards for Overall Excellence as well as Customer Service. Zurich is known for its efficient and compassionate service. You can trust in their reliable brand and a dependable range of cover options to make sure you are protected for those times youd rather not have to think about. It's important to plan for the future and Zurich can take you through the steps to becoming financially secure with the appropriate level of income protection cover. Zurich's policies have even been approved and recognised b'y Canstar who granted Zurich's Ezicover Life Insurance the award for Outstanding Value in 2014.

Over 1,200 employees to assist you

If you value Australian-based insurance companies, you'll love that Zurich has over 1,200 Australian employees who are happy to assist with exceptional knowledge and experience. Zurich understand that no customer's life situation is the same. Therefore, they have developed their Ezicover Insurance which is a "pick and choose" approach to life insurance cover. You get the freedom of DIY insurance products so you can have peace of mind knowing you choose the elements that suit you and your family best. It's part of Zurich's aim to make insurance easy to understand, without all the difficult jargon and strict, traditional processes.

Zurich Insurance Premiums

The premiums you'll pay with a Zurich Life Insurance policy will be based on your individual circumstances such as age, gender, health, occupation and selection of cover. Most often, people assume they don't need life insurance if they have no history of medical problems in their family or lead a healthy lifestyle. It is in this scenario, where you have perfect health, where it is important to protect your lifestyle as you'll pay lower premiums now and it can be difficult to get appropriate levels of cover in the future when you do face sudden health or age challenges.