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If you are deciding to find a hotel in Australia then you have come to the right place we compare thousands of hotel prices in Australia with our simple hotel search comparison engine. Australia is a vast diverse landscape and no matter where you travel to you will probably find something completely different in one Australian state to another, from the lush green tropics in the north to the red dry center around Alice Springs, everywhere is different in it's own unique way. However we cover hotels all over Australia so hopefully there is something to suit your budget and taste.

How to Decide Which Australia Hotel is Right for You

Kids swimsuits? Check. Family medicines? Got that too. Peek into your suitcase and if all four pair of flip-flops are neatly lined up inside, you may think you're ready for the annual family vacation.

In fact, you've only got some of your adventure sorted because Australia's a huge place and your lodging choices are so expansive, you may aspirin to decide on a venue. After all, there are thousands of hotels scattered across the continent 836 alone in Sydney and nearly 800 in Melbourne.

Take a breath. Rely on Compare & Choose to meet your hotel reservation needs ,but if you crave the most amount of peace of mind, before, during and after your holiday, answer these questions to determine which hotel options our comparison search engine suggests are your best bets.

1.Where will you go? Australia's a big place with lots to see and do, so if you've narrowed down your geographic area based on the amount of time you have to travel, your search is refined to a manageable area.

2.Where will you park? If you're driving a campervan, not every hotel may want it parked in front. This isn't personal. Space parameters require an orderly division of parking space, so make sure your vehicle is welcome.

3.Are there extra fees? Some hotels offer Wi-Fi and Internet free; others don't. You could run into local taxes not evident up front. The solution to these types of dilemmas? Ask before you book.

4.Do you see stars? Not the celestial or celebrity types we're talking hotel star rating services that evaluate facilities and hand over allotments of kudos based on the evaluations of people who have lodged with them previously. Be savvy and note that some just use this feature as an opportunity to slam a place for one bad experience, so evaluate all remarks with caution.

5.What's on the hotel premises? The kids bring bathing suits, but there's no pool. You have no intention of preparing meals in your hotel room, so you find yourself grocery shopping because you forgot to ask if there are nearby restaurants.

6.Will you feed us? We've seen parents weep at the site of a fully-laden breakfast buffet that means their kids can load up on the house if you've been wise enough to book a hotel with free breakfasts included in the price.

7.Are kids welcome? Not every hotel is family friendly. These places tend to get picky about kids sliding across marble floors on their stomachs and entertaining guests by doing belly flops in the pool.

8.Can you bring your pooch? Many dog owners won't leave home without their pets. Some think they can smuggle them in. Resist the urge. Pet-friendly lodgings are trending. Ask your host if there are post departure clean up charges when you check out.

9.Are you brand loyal? Few people remember what life was like before the collection of frequent stayer points which made life one long math equation. If this describes you, your lodging decision just got much shorter.

10.Should you get recommendations? You bet. Friends and family can often surpass those five star rating evaluations when it comes to the real story behind a hotel's customer service, amenities and ambience. Don't be shy. You could get a lead on a place that delivers the greatest vacation venue in memory.

Armed with the knowledge of a traveling Buddha at this point, use our hotel comparison menu to search for and compare hotels in any area by filling in the relevant fields on our webpage. Since the process is effortless, take the time that's necessary to peruse amenities that fit your sensibilities.

At Compare & Choose, our mission is to make your travel life a breeze so we sort prices, hotel deals, specials and services to offer you the best picture of your favorite choices. Once you've struck gold, we're happy to send you to the relevant booking site to secure your arrangements. Your job? Relax and have fun once you've arrived.

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is very popular amongst backpackers so we have created some very helpful information for you in our essential which will enable you with valuable information to cover off anything you need if you happen to be backpacking or travelling around Australia by campervan. We cover all safety information and neccessaties for you to take on your trip.

We hope you find it useful.

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