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Shop, compare and save on your residential energy products with compare and choose from Australia's best known names. With Compare and Choose we aim to provide you with the best possible residential energy savings for all your utility bills in one place.

Compare electricity pricing plans so we can get you the best possible deal, not only do we compare residential energy we also compare energy saving plans for businesses. Our advice will be from a consultant who is highly experienced in the energy sector giving you peace of mind that any queries you may have will be dealt with the best advice

We have found energy prices can vary by quite a staggering amount and that is why we ensure all our staff are specially trained on a regular basis to meet our customer requirements.

Energy Pricing

Did you know that almost all Australians receive their energy supply by the National Electricity Market who are a wholesale supplier of energy to retailers who then sell the energy back to customers just like you.

Price change almost every 5 minutes over a half hour average on how much electric to sell at what price, this market is not really regulated at all hence the reason for electic prices varying constantly, that is why there is so much confusion as to why prices seem to be all over the place throughout Australia. This is where our professional staff can assist you find the best possible outcome

Government energy inquiries

Only South Australia paying more than Queensland on energy prices, latest figures in show there has been 24 inquiries in only 5 years and we are still no further forward with this issue. The government are making billions from energy companies so nothing is going to change soon, Queenslanders will be upset with these pricing structures and we do hope the energy concession cards will be safe for all of you out there to assist with your rebates.