Income protection cover with AIA

AIA insurance have been trading around the globe for over 40 years, they have extensive knowledge in the life insurance and income protection cover marketplace.

Taking out an income protection policy with AIA has never been so easy with Compare & Choose. You simply just enter your details, the amount you wish to be covered with to protect your income and once you have submitted your details we will authorise a dedicated insurance specialist consultant to call you to see if we can save you even more dollars and to tweak the policy to fit your finacial circumstances and requirement. AIA provide many different levels of cover and we will compare all options for you and get whats right for you. Remember Compare & Choose provide cover on a whole host of insurance policies such as Life, , Trauma and Travel so be sure to check them out if you need any of those.

With AIA, you can pick from a range of extra options too if you want more cover or if you'd prefer the benefit to be provided in a lump sum rather than in monthly payments to you.

In 2015 alone, AIA paid out over a billion dollars to everyday Australians in claims which shows just how likely it is that unexpected events happen, so you want to make sure you are insured. Having the right insurance can make a big difference in your life at times of struggle or difficulty.

AIA is a trusted insurance provider with over 29 Million individual policies currently taken out across the world by people like you.

Most people feel unsure about income insurance and whether they need it. Think of it this way, you probably insure your car should it break down or if you were to have an accident and need to replace it. The cost of the car might be $30,000. If you protect your car, why would you not protect your salary which would be worth a lot more than your car.