Campervan Rentals from Finland

Finland , a country of forests and lakes, has some wonderful cuisine & is perhaps best known for its beautiful unspoilt natural beauty.

In the north of Finland, the White Nights, during which the sun does not set lasts for around 10 weeks of the summer, its fantastic to see. In winter the same area goes through nearly eight weeks when the sun never rises above the horizon.

Exploring Finland on a road trip offers the opportunity to traverse its picturesque landscapes, from enchanting forests and pristine lakes to charming villages, all while experiencing the captivating beauty of this Nordic wonderland.

If you choose to hire a campervan in Finland you will be sure to have an awsome time.

Campervan Hire Finland

Why not visit the Olavinlinna Castle (Savonlinna) , a powerful fortress dating back to 1475 since the founder Erik Axelsson Tott decided to build this in order to protect the control of the Savo region and the Swedish Crown. There are some great sights to see here and Olavinlinna Castle is often rented out for some great events too.

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