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Cairns is a fabulous tropic wonderland to see, there is such a wide diversity of things to do in the tropics. Cairns is a fantastic place for travellers backpackers, the community caters for all walks of life.

Attracted by the stunning beauty this place offers such as the Great Barrier Reef, Cape Tribulation & the tropical rainforests you can't go wrong. One of the most beautiful places in the world is Queensland, Australia. While there are numerous places that beckon to be visited, no one place is quite as magnificent as Cairns. It's the hub for tourists to start their unforgettable adventures, as it's an amazing place by its own right. Let's take a look at Cairns, including some history about this regional city and things that you should do while touring within and around the city.

Overview of Cairns

Cairns is a regional city that encompasses other smaller townships, which makes it even more unique compared to the typical city. What makes Cairns magnificent is the location it holds. It resides in the northern part of Queensland with its borders running along the same coast that enables you to see the deep blue waters and the Great Barrier Reef.

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It also serves as a starting point for most people whom want to tour Australia, as Far North Queensland is but a stone's throw away from Cairns. Rivers like the Mulgrave River and the Barron River enable further access to the lush greenery that has become iconic for Queensland.

A Brief History of Cairns

Cairns history is relatively short and simple, but it's imperative to acknowledge it before understanding why Cairns is as beautiful of a city as it is.

Cairns was first explored in 1770 by James Cook, whom named it Trinity Bay. It was over a hundred years later that the town of Cairns was founded as a way to export the large amount of gold that was discovered west of the inlet. When the gold rush slowed down, Cairns became a major center for agricultural export. This single fact is perhaps why Cairns has an amazing balance of the urban styling you'd imagine from a city and the lush, green plants that tend to be associated with the wilder parts of Queensland.

The opening of Cairns International Airport in 1984 established Cairns as one of the largest spots for tourism in Australia.

What Can You Do At Cairns

Cairns is one of the most prominent places for tourists for visit due to the accessibility of several unique and enjoyable locations. You'll be in for a magnificent view no matter what you choose, and you can see as many sights as you want while staying at one place in Cairns.

Below is a list of the attractions you'll want to see at least once during your stay at Cairns.

The Great Barrier Reef

The most popular attraction near Cairns is likely The Great Barrier Reef. The calm, blue waters allow you to see fish and other aquatic wildlife in their natural environment, which is something that very few people can do.

You can stop by the Cairns Visitor Centre to sign up for scuba lessons or to rent snorkeling and scuba gear. You can then take a dive to see the Great Barrier Reef with your own eyes. If swimming isn't your thing, then you can take a boat cruise or a helicopter flight over the Great Barrier Reef. There's a way for everyone to experience the unmatched beauty of the Great Barrier Reef.

Kuranda Train and Skyrail

No mention of Cairns and her magnificent views would be complete without mentioning the Kuranda Skyrail and Train. There's nothing quite like riding in one of the cable cars to see a view that you won't be able to see anywhere else in the world.

If you take the Kuranda Train, you'll be in for a particular treat. You can see the rugged mountains that reside within the Barron Gorge National Park's boundaries, take in the beautiful waterfalls that roar as water rushes past, and experience over 40 scenic and historical bridges that span daunting drops while riding through 15 different tunnels.

When you arrive at the train's terminal point in Kuranda, you can jump aboard the Skyrail to see a series of amazing views. You'll be taken high over lush, untamed rainforests before arriving at Kuranda village.

Undara Lava Tubes

Not many people can say they spent their vacation exploring caverns, more accurately referred to as tubes, that were formed long before man. The Undara lava tubes are such a thing, and they offer a unique look into the very planet known as Earth.

The Undara lava tubes are natural formations that occurred as a result of volcanic activity millions of years ago. They have since cooled down to become explorable by people and settled by the nearby wildlife. There's two parts of the Undara lava tubes that you'll enjoy: the tubes themselves and the awe-inspiring green surroundings. Many people make Undara a day's stop when they stay at Cairns, as lodging is available to do so and the environment is something serene that you'll never find in the city.

To get there, you need only take a half-day trip by coach or a short car ride to Undara. This can make for one of the best ways to see Australia, as you can see the scenic surroundings while traveling there.

Fur 'n' Feathers Rainforest Tree Houses Hotel

The last noteworthy tourist attraction near Cairns is the Fur 'n' Feathers Rainforest Tree House Retreat. It combine luxury with an untamed, green aspect that allows you to enjoy comfort while being surrounded by the kind of nature only Australia can provide.

When you stay at one of the tree houses, you might see exotic wildlife like kangaroos, wallabies and colorful birds. You may even spot a cassowary or two while you're there. If you feel too isolated in your tree house, then there are nearby coffee shops, book stores and antique shops to keep you busy. You may even find a souvenir that you can take home to remind you of this one-of-a-kind hotel.

Cairns Climate

Cairns shares the same kind of climate that the rest of Queensland has, which means that there are two seasons: the wet season and the dry season. The tropical climate makes for hot summers full of humidity and winters that are dry but incredibly mild compared to the rest of the world.

December through February is known as the wet season, which is when the majority of the annual rainfall descends upon Cairns. March through November is considered the dry season.

Given Cairns unique location, this makes it a viable tourist attraction around the entire year. The water generally stays warm enough for you to even swim near the Great Reef, while the winds stay mostly calm enough for you to sunbathe if you so desire.

How to Get to Cairns

The most immediate way to get to Cairns is to take a plane to Cairns International Airport.You can compare car rental providers right here with us, book a train or a bus to any other places you might want to go, always remember if your booking a camper van, hiring a car, looking for accommodation or choosing to take an adventure then be sure to check out all our other travel comparison sections to ensure you are getting a great deal.

It's fairly easy to arrive at Cairns by driving from another part of Australia, but be warned that it will take a decent amount of time. Traveling from Sydney to Cairns will require you to take Carnarvon Highway all the way to Highway 1 in a trip that will take about 29 hours. Consider it a great travelling experience if your in your motorhome rental as it is one of the most popular campervan touring routes in Australia.

You can also arrive at Cairns via boat. Most cruises can take you from one major port, such as one in New Zealand, to Cairns while giving you the opportunity to see the Great Barrier Reef and other scenic opportunities.

Places to Stay in Cairns

There are countless places for you to stay in Cairns. Many prominent hotels offer a luxury-style stay at a reasonable price for individuals, couples seeking a romantic getaway or entire families seeking fun. Be sure to check our hotels in Cairns section for a more comprehensive selection of hotels but here are a few on our short list while visiting Cairns.

Jack & Newell Cairns Holiday Apartments

If you want the top-rated hotel in all of Cairns, then the Jack & Newell Holiday Apartments is the place to stay. They offer suites for individuals and couples, but they specialize in family accommodation. You'll get a great view, accessibility to the rest of Cairns and unbeatable service.

Cairns Aquarius

The Cairns Aquarius is another place that specializes in providing suites for the entire family. You'll get an awe-inspiring view of both Cairns and the ocean when you stay here.

Pullman Reef Hotel Casino

For adults looking for an unforgettable place to stay, the Reef Hotel Casino is the perfect place. It offers luxury accommodations, comfortable beds, friendly staff and access to a crystal-clear pool.

Campervan & camping parks near Cairns

If you really want to experience Cairns, then you should consider staying at one of the camping parks that reside just outside of the urban landscape of Cairns you can hook your motorhome up and sit back and relax in some of these woderful locations. Some of the most prominent camping parks near Cairns are as follows.


Babinda is roughly 45 minutes south of Cairns, which puts it in an appealing spot without being too far out of the way.

There are two RV-friendly campervan grounds located there: The Boulders camping ground, which is unpowered and only has basic amenities, and the Babinda Rotary Park, which is unpowered but has coin-operated showers with hot water and a dump point. Check out Babinda Info Centre for further information.

Bramston Beach Campground

Bramston Beach is about an hour south of Cairns. You can find the campground at 96 Evans Road, Bramston Beach.

There are 40 unpowered sites with showers, laundry and BBQ cooking facilities. The fee for staying at this campground depends upon when you stay and how many people will be staying at the site.

Cairns Holiday Park

Cairns Holiday Park is located three kilometers from the center of Cairns, which puts it in a beautiful part of the region. The facilities here offer a number of accommodating arrangements for all types of tourists, from backpackers to modern studio arrangements.

You can find power, a pool, laundry facilities, a kitchen, wireless Internet and a number of other features at this campground.

Palm Cove Holiday Park

The Palm Cove Holiday Park is located at 149 Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove. It's about half an hour north of Cairns, which puts it in a tropical environment that's appealing to most tourists.

You'll find powered and unpowered camping sites complete with showers, water and camp kitchens. You can even enjoy the nearby restaurants and shops before taking a ride on a boat.

Nearest campervan rental location

The next closest place for picking up a camper van or motorhome from Cairns is our Townsville Campervan Rental location, but beware this is around a 4 hour 20 minute drive south of Cairns.

So hop in your campervan today and check out what Cairns & its surrounding areas have to offer.

Cairns Safety

Of course your safety is very important, there can be some hidden dangers to be aware of when you visit Northen Queensland so please take the time to checkout the Virtual Tourist Tips from other people just like you. Remember Cairns and Northern Queensland is a beautiful place to visit and millions of people do visit this place each year. Although it is highly unlikely that you will run into spots of trouble, they are things to be careful about, take this into consideration especially when in more remote areas and you will have a great time.

Be sure to note this contact down incase of any emergencies Useful emergency contacts.

Australia is such a huge wonderful place to see. Remember we not only cover Cairns we, cover all destinations too.